Natural Disasters And Calamities: 3 Must-Have Items You Need To Stockpile For Bad Weather

Natural disasters and calamities come in many forms. From a 3-day ice storm that knocks out power for weeks to rolling blackouts on hot summer days, there's a long line of unfortunate events that can leave you and your family in the dark, fighting for comfort and survival. Unfortunately, fewer than 20 percent of Americans feel like they are very prepared for a disaster.

If you're one of the other 80 percent, it's time to take stock of your inventory and gather those things that your family will need in the event of disaster. Following are three must-have items you need to stock pile now to weather the storm. 

Food and Water

You might be able to live without heat and your favorite TV shows for a bit, but you can't survive without food and water. Government guidelines recommend storing at least one gallon of water per person per day for a three-day period. They also recommend three days worth of non-perishable food items.

You should also take into account that many modern conveniences won't be available. For instance, your electric can opener will not work during a power outage. So, it's a good idea to have a manual one in your food-supply kit. 

Back up Power Supply and Fuel

If your power goes out in the dead of winter, you will need some way to generate heat. One of the best ways you can do this is by having a back up power supply or generator. Generators will also allow you to enjoy a few of life's other luxuries, but they won't power your whole house. However, they can run your fridge, hot water tank and so forth. 

If your generator is not hooked up to your main natural gas supply, you will need to store fuel for it. Consumer Reports recommends storing up to 20 gallons of gasoline and up to eight portable propane tanks, depending on what type of fuel your generator uses. 

First Aid Kit and Medication

Additionally, you should always have a first-aid kit and basic medication on hand. Items for your kit should include gauze and bandages, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, antibiotic towelettes, eye wash, tweezers, scissors, aspirin, antacids, a thermometer and small supply of your prescription medications. 

As you can imagine, there are many more things you may need in a disaster situation. The key is to think about the needs of your family and plan ahead by storing all the items you will need to survive comfortably during a crisis. To learn more, contact a company like Original Donnelly Heating Cooling & Electric with any questions you have.