3 Solutions To Try When Your Home's Furnace Is Acting Up

There are very few things in life as frustrating as a malfunctioning furnace. Most homeowners aren't aware of exactly how to repair a furnace—and are too intimidated to try—and a furnace will make an entire home uncomfortable when it isn't working right. Before you call the professionals, there are a few things that you can try to repair your furnace. As always, however, be careful and don't attempt anything that you don't feel comfortable and confident doing. 

1. Turn Off and Relight the Pilot Light

Sometimes the pilot light may be malfunctioning without you realizing it. Older furnaces may need you to physically light the pilot; you turn on the gas and then use either a match or a utility lighter in the pilot light area. Many modern furnaces, however, will actually light themselves. Look for a flame. It's very dangerous to have gas flowing without a flame, so if you don't see a flame, turn the furnace off and call a professional (such as one from Absolute Air).

2. Adjust Your Thermostat

Many homeowners don't realize that a furnace can also be acting up because the actual thermostat is broken. If the thermostat doesn't seem to be engaging when it's cold, the thermostat may still be reading a higher temperature. Make sure that there is nothing around the thermostat that could be affecting its ambient temperature readings. If you have a digital thermostat, you can compare it to another thermometer to gauge the real temperature.

3. Replace Your Furnace's Filters

Just as with any other machine, the filters of a furnace can become dirty and clogged. When the filter of a furnace is dirty, it won't be able to push out hot air as effectively—thereby failing to cool your home. How often you need to clean your furnace's filters will depend on the model of furnace and the amount of activity that commonly goes on in your home, as kids, animals and other people will all increase the amount of dust and dirt tracked inside. 

Remember that a furnace can be dangerous because it does use gas. If, at any time, you believe that gas may be leaking from your furnace or in the air, you should immediately leave your home and call a professional. That being said, there are many routine maintenance tasks that you can do on your own. Follow the manual for your furnace very carefully to avoid any danger.