3 Tips For Caring For Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal makes it easier to clean up after a meal. You do not need to stress about the food in your sink. Simply use some water to wash it into the drain, then run the blades to send unwanted food waste down the pipes. This process sounds simple, but it is important to exercise great care when using your garbage disposal in order to maintain it. You need to keep in mind its limitations, such as foods that are not processed well by the blades, as well as regular maintenance to keep it running. Here are three tips for caring for your garbage disposal.

Run your garbage disposal often.

When it comes to your garbage disposal, you should adopt the attitude "use it or lose it." You should run your garbage disposal often. In fact, you should run it after every sink full of dishes that you wash. This means that you never have to deal with a buildup of food in your drain bigger than your garbage disposal can handle. Ideally, you should never allow your garbage disposal to amass more than what your drain strainer can handle. Abiding by this rule, you ensure that your garbage disposal blades do not get jammed and you also avoid clogging your drain.

Use cold water when running your disposal.

Running water down your drain helps to drive food waste down the plumbing. It also helps to keep your garbage disposal's blades clean. Using cold water is especially important, especially when it comes to deal with grease and fatty foods. At warm temperatures, fatty foods, oils, and greases liquefy. While that means they will go down the drain, it also means that they can solidify as gunk clogging up your pipes. At cooler temperatures, fats, oils, and greases stay in their solid state, and can therefore be chopped up and processed by your disposal's blades.

Carefully select the food you put in your drain.

Your garbage disposal makes it easier to deal with food waste left in your sink after a meal; however, it is important not to use your garbage disposal as an alternative to your trashcan. Make sure that you are sending the right kind of food waste down your garbage disposal. Food waste cut up into manageable pieces that can be processed easily by the blades is the best option. Do not send food like bread down the garbage disposal. Bread gets mushy and can clump in your pipes. (for more information, contact Davidson's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning or another business)