3 Furnace Inspection Points To Plan Well Ahead Of Next Winter

Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling of cold air coming into your home during those inevitable cold and dark winter months. This is why it's in your best interest to prepare for winter by having your furnace serviced, even as you begin to prepare for the warmer months! Since there's a chance that your HVAC repair person will be paying you a visit anyway, here are some things you should remind your contractor about inspecting your furnace, so that your home's temperature control system remain in top condition all year long:

Ask Them To Inspect The Furnace Burner

The burner is the area inside of the furnace that produces warm air. During the long periods of time where your furnace is not in use, the pilot light may blow out. Not only will this cause problems when you turn the gas back on in the winter, but it will also place you in the position to experience discomfort.

In addition to the pilot light burning out, it is also very common for the pilot holes to become covered in soot. In order for the furnace to work properly and energy efficiently, this hole will need to be completely clear of all of the accumulated soot.

The Contractor Should Inspect The Furnace Motor

The motor works very hard to keep the furnace working properly. It is very common for this motor to wear down and eventually stop working. In order to be positive the motor will continue working properly, it's common for the contractor to take the entire motor apart and inspect each individual element in order to perform a complete visual inspection.

Upon taking the motor apart, the contractor will often clean the parts of soot, oil, and grease that may be causing each component to run ineffectively.

Ask Them To Check The Furnace Pump

The furnace pump is the piece that pumps the heat out of the furnace and into the air ducts. Without this piece, your air ducts would be unable to carry the warm air around your house and blow it through the vents. It's extremely common for the pump to experience wear, tear, and brittleness due to the heat inside the furnace. When heated air isn't forcefully pumped out of the furnace, then you are forced to run it more often in order to compensate for a broken or brittle pump. A simple inspection can diagnose the problem and save you a lot of money in the long run on your energy bill.

Preventive maintenance from a reliable HVAC company like Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp saves you a lot of money over the long and short terms. By the way, if you live inside an apartment, then you should discuss with your landlord the possibility of having your heating furnace serviced. After all, you might not own the furnace, but you will be responsible for the high energy bill, and you'll experience a cold unit this coming winter if the furnace breaks!