Three Things To Look For When Buying A New Air Conditioning System

In order to make it through the dead heat of summer, you might have to consider replacing your current air conditioner if it's not up to par. Buying a new air conditioner unit will help you enjoy a number of advantages inside of your home. Read the points below to find out just why the purchase of a new air conditioner unit might be an excellent investment for your property. 

Know The Major Air Conditioner Types Available To You

As you set out to get a brand new air conditioner installed in your home, you will need to learn about the two major types available -- packaged or split system. In the case of a packaged air conditioner, a metal encased air conditioning unit is typically installed outside of your home, while the air is strategically funneled inside. A split system air conditioner is outside stored outside in a metal encasement, but is routed to an internal system that has a number of controls. By understanding these two air conditioner system types, you are then able to shop based on different brands and classifications. 

Weigh The Energy Efficiency Factors

To be sure that your air conditioning system is useful in preserving the environment and able to save you some money on your monthly utility bills, you should look into energy efficiency specifications. For example, the SEER rating of your air conditioning system must have a rating of at least 13, based on new federal energy laws. The higher the SEER rating, the greater chance you have of knowing that your system is energy efficient. You should also purchase an Energy Star certified HVAC system whenever possible, so that your home is far less wasteful and so that you are able to get quality, clean performance out of your new air conditioning system. 

Look For Functionality Perks And Settings

When you find a new air conditioning system, you will need to key in on the extras. For instance, settings like filter change indicators, heat efficiency optimized coils and advanced temperature control settings will allow you to avoid wear and tear on your system before its time. This allows you to enjoy sophisticated features that will prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner, while also getting the coolest, most comfortable performance, with less effort. 

Consider these three factors, so that you are able to buy a new air conditioner unit that is great for your home.