Why You Need To Have Your Furnace Inspected Annually

Even though many furnace manufacturers and HVAC experts recommend that people have their furnaces professionally inspected on an annual basis, some people wonder why a professional inspection needs to be completed so often. After all, furnaces are built to last for years, so if you haven't noticed a problem, then your furnace should be fine, right? Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Learn more about why you need to have your furnace inspected on an annual basis.

Extends Your Furnace's Lifespan

When you have your furnace inspected on a regular basis, it can extend its lifespan. When professional furnace technicians inspect a furnace, they are looking for any potential problems. This means you can often discover a problem with your furnace before it becomes a major issue. Then, you can replace whatever part is malfunctioning instead of replacing the entire unit. Also, when you have a technician make small furnace repairs and adjustments, it's less likely that a major problem will arise, causing your furnace to quit before it has reached its average lifespan.

Improves Energy Efficiency

An annual furnace inspection typically includes a tune up, which includes cleaning the furnace; inspecting the furnace burner and heat exchanger; and replacing the furnace filter. Once the unit is cleaned, it's easier for the furnace to push warm air into your home. Because the furnace isn't working double time to try to push hot air through dirty ducts and clogged vents, it doesn't use as much energy -- and less energy consumed means lower utility bills for you.

Fulfills the Manufacturer's Warranty Requirements

Most new furnaces come with some sort of manufacturer's warranty, which oftens requires the owner to have a furnace inspection and tune up completed annually. If you fail to have your furnace inspected and a tune up completed each year, it can void the warranty completely.

Keeps Your Home Safe

If you have a gas furnace, getting an annual furnace inspection helps keep your home safe. Gas furnaces produce heat by burning gas. The combustion process that heats your home needs to be in perfect working order so that dangerous levels of gas or carbon monoxide don't leak into your home. By having your furnace inspected annually, you can rest peacefully, knowing that your furnace isn't emitting dangerous levels of toxins into the air in your home.

There are people who feel like having their furnace inspected on a regular basis is a waste of time and money. However, that isn't the case. Not only does having an annual furnace inspection ensure that your furnace is working properly, it allows you to catch any problems early and have a furnace repair company like Butler Heating & Air correct any issues that could end up being costly or detrimental to your family's health.