How To Straighten Your Condenser Coils

Air conditioning repair is something that should usually be done by professionals such as Ragan Mechanical Inc. However, there are a few simple DIY maintenance jobs that you can do to fix small problems. Perhaps the most common and easy to fix problem with an AC system is bent condenser coils. This article explains the best way to straighten bent condenser coils.

The most important tool for this job is a condenser comb. There are many different styles and types of combs, but they are all very affordable and easy to use. This small, handheld device should cost less than $20. Although each design is slightly different, they are all equally effective if you use them right.

Clean Before Combing

Before you comb your coils, it might be necessary to clean them out. The aluminum ridges on your coils have small gaps between them. These gaps can get filled with dirt, dust, and other debris. As a result, the comb will not be able to straighten the coils if the gaps are especially dirty and clogged. Luckily, cleaning them is very simple and you don't even need to turn off your air conditioner. Usually, just spraying them down with the hose will do the job. However, if your coils have not been cleaned in many years, or ever, you might need to spray some liquid soap or cleaner onto them to help break down the dirt. You should be able to notice the dirty runoff when you spray down the coils. The metal should also be a little shinier after the dirt is washed away.

Straighten Your Coils with the Comb

Now that your coils are clean, you can start to straighten them with the comb. You have to work delicately because you need to avoid flattening or smashing the metal further down. In fact, if some of your rows are already completely smashed flat, you might need to use another tool to pry them up. A very small flathead screw driver usually works best for this. Then, you can then use the coil comb to straighten them out. This is fairly simple if your coils are only bent a little bit.

When your coils are straight, they have better ventilation and your entire condenser unit will be more effective and energy efficient. In the long run, this can help to ensure that colder air is pumping through your home and that you enjoy reduced electricity bills.