How Alternate Heating Sources Complement Your Furnace

The cost of running a furnace can be high especially in the cold months or if you live with a medical condition, like severe asthma or other chronic diseases. Finding alternative heating systems to complement your furnace is the best way to mitigate these costs. Here are few options that work wonders


Active solar technology allows you to either capture warm air directly from the sun and circulate it through the home using heat pumps or circulate sun heated water through specialized tubing into the rooms and heat the house. Solar electric panels supply the power to heat the air and the air-source heat pumps deliver the heated air to the room.


This heating alternative is quite similar to solar except the heat is extracted from the ground. The heat stored in the ground is harnessed through a geothermal heating system that incorporates an underground tube loop with water inside. The water circulates underground absorbing heat and carries the heat to the geothermal heat pump. This pump then concentrates the air and sends it through ducts into the home.

The Hydro-Air System

With the hydro air system you can heat the home as well as heat water for your domestic needs. The system is a pairing of a hydronic air handler and a tankless gas water heater. The heated air comes from the tankless water heater and is disbursed throughout the home via installed ducts. This is an ideal option for smaller homes with smaller heating needs.

Furnaces are popular with over two thirds of the North American population using them. This is because they emit little carbon dioxide when properly installed, have powerful heating levels, come in a wide range of sizes, and easily connect to already existing ducts.

However, more options are arising that arguably beat furnaces in the high cost of utility bills, cost of installation and service life and functionality of the system. Most of these options are based on renewable energy.

The above heating sources help you to mitigate your utility bills will keeping your environment safer and cleaner. But despite incorporating the above solutions into your heating needs, ensuring your furnace is working at optimum is imperative. And keep your HVAC repair in order, since a functional HVAC will spread the heat your furnace provides to the far reaches of your home. Without proper HVAC repair conditions, you're probably wasting a lot of the money you do spend on furnace heating. In case of any obvious repair needs, schedule them as soon as needed to ensure the safety of your home whether you are using the furnace or not.