5 Steps To Prepare Your AC In Spring For Hot Summer Weather

Soon, winter weather will be on its way out, and the warmer spring weather will mean that it is time to start preparing for summer heatwaves. There is a lot of maintenance to do to your HVAC system before the hot weather arrives, such as inspection, cleaning ducts, changing the filters, and preparing the outdoor condensing unit. Here are the steps that you will want to take to get your AC ready for cooling when warmer weather arrives:

1. Inspecting, Cleaning, and Adjustments to Your Ductwork

The first thing that you will want to do for spring HVAC maintenance is clean the ductwork. Inspect ducts in areas like attics and crawl-spaces. Animals get into these areas and often cause damage, especially during cold winter months when they are looking for warm places to nest. In addition, if you use your HVAC system for heating, you will need to adjust dampers for summer cooling.

2. Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning When You Stop Using Heating

In early spring, you will still be using your heating, but less frequently. When you are not using your heating anymore, it is a great time to do the final maintenance to the furnace. Make sure that the furnace is clean, and change the filter to prepare it for next year. It may also be a good time to do any minor repairs that need to be done while you are not using the heating.

3. Cleaning and Preparing the Condensing Unit After a Long Winter

As the weather begins to get warmer, you will be ready to move outdoors with spring cleaning maintenance, and AC cleaning should be on the list. Take the time to remove any covers and weatherization. Before you start using the AC, give the condensing unit a good clean with a water and mild detergent mixture and the garden hose.

4. Cleaning and Adjusting the Vents Inside Your Home

As summer approaches, you will also want to do spring cleaning inside your home. Make sure that you clean the air vents and change any filters. In addition, make sure that there is nothing blocking vents, such as furniture or clutter.

5. Checking the Thermostat and Changing Settings for Summer Cooling

Lastly, you want to check your thermostat and make sure it is working properly. If your thermostat uses batteries, go ahead and change them before you need the AC. In addition, make sure to change the program settings for summer weather and cooling needs. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, contact an HVAC contractor and have them replace it for you.

These are the steps you will need to take to prepare your HVAC system for warmer weather. If you need help with air conditioning maintenance or repairs, contact an HVAC company like Northwest  Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc for help getting your AC ready this spring.