HVAC Maintenance: Three Things You Can Do

Are you interested in making your HVAC system more efficient? Do you want to learn how to do a few simple jobs that can improve your HVAC efficiency? Obviously, it can be very beneficial in the long term to learn a few of the most simple HVAC maintenance tasks. By knowing how to do the most simple preventative maintenance, you can keep your system more efficient and maintain the health of the large components that could otherwise be very expensive to repair. Ultimately, the goal is that some simple preventative maintenance can prevent you from having to make expensive repairs or replacements down the line.

Air Filters

To many people, the fact that you need to regularly replace your air filters goes without saying. Many people are very diligent and replace the air filters right on time. However, others are completely surprised by how often it is suggested that you change an air filter. In fact, many air filters only have six month lifespans. At the same time, many homeowners don't change their air filters more than once every six years. So, your first goal should be to always replace your air filter on time.

Air Registers

Your next goal should be to clean and adjust your registers on a regular basis. This might sound silly, but improper register adjustment could ultimately reduce the longevity of your HVAC appliances. Basically, your HVAC is going to fail in one form or the other over the years. If you are running you heat or AC exorbitantly because your registers are clogged or just not properly adjusted, you are going to ultimately reduce the lifespan of major components like the evaporator or condenser. More usage means a shorter lifespan.

Heat Pump

Another important measure is to cover your heat pump. The heat pump on the outside of your home is obviously a major part of the air conditioning system, and you don't use it for long periods of time during the winter. In some regions, the heat pump get snowed on almost every day, which can wear down certain components. So, it is important that you cover your heat pump with a watertight cover. Often, the covers that come with heat pumps are pretty flimsy and unreliable. Investing in a heavy duty cover is definitely worth it, no matter where you live. Basically, the less time that your heat pump is exposed to the sun, snow, rain, or wind, the longer it is going to last.

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