Answers To Common Air Conditioning Questions

An air conditioning system malfunction can be a crisis for homeowners during the intense heat of the summer months. Without one of these components, the home could quickly experience an extreme increase in temperature. The number of problems that a modern air conditioning system can experience may be daunting, but well-informed homeowners will be able to effectively navigate these issues.

What Could Cause A Loud Popping Sound When The Unit Is Running?

When your air conditioning system is running, you may hear a loud popping sound come from the unit. This can indicate that the fan belt in the unit has snapped or otherwise failed. Unfortunately, these failures can often cause other damages to the system, and they will typically result in the unit immediately losing the ability to distribute the air it has cooled. A homeowner that has some experience with making repairs to their house may be able to replace this belt, but they will need to be extremely careful when doing this work to ensure that the belt is properly aligned and balanced. Otherwise, it may fail soon after being installed.

Is It Common For An Air Conditioning System To Trip The Home's Circuit Breaker?

An air conditioning system will require extremely large amounts of electricity to function, and this may put a strain on the home's electrical system. However, the system should have been properly calibrated to be compatible with the home's electrical system when it was installed. As a result, if your system has suddenly started to exhibit this problem, it might indicate that the voltage regulator or other key electrical components have failed. In these situations, professional repairs are required due to the extreme danger of working with a home's electrical system.  

Why Would The System Start Blowing Warm Air?

An air conditioning system that is blowing warm or room-temperature air can indicate that it is low on refrigerant or that its refrigerant is degraded. If it has been several years since the last time you had refrigerant added to the system, it is likely that the refrigerant has simply degraded too much to work effectively. When this is the case, simply replacing the refrigerant will be enough to restore the system's ability to cool air. However, this problem could also be due to the system running low on refrigerant, which would indicate a leak. The leak will have to be patched to prevent the new refrigerant from simply draining out of the system.

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