AC Expensive Fixes, And Their Triggers

The average cost of air conditioner (AC) repair is a few hundred dollars, but the cost can go up considerably depending on the malfunction. Below are some of the most expensive AC repairs, and why you might need them.

Condenser Coil Replacement

The condenser is a critical part of the heat exchange process in the air conditioners cooling cycle. The condenser condenses the hot and gaseous refrigerant into a liquid, thereby cooling it. Your AC won't cool with a damaged condenser, and replacing the condenser can cause anywhere from $1,900 to $2,900.

Several things can damage the condenser. For example, flying debris such as gravel from lawnmowers can damage the condenser. Exposure to acidic liquid, such as dog pee, can also damage the condenser. In most cases, it is not a single-instance damage, but rather the accumulated effects of multiple damages, that finally necessitate the replacement of the coil.

Refrigerant Leak Repair

The refrigerant absorbs heat in the house and dumps it outside. When the refrigerant level falls too low, the remaining volume may not be enough to provide adequate cooling. Associated problems include the AC taking too long to cool the house, using more energy than it should, or even cold and hot spots experiences.

To take care of the problem you need to find the leak, plug it, and recharge the refrigerant. Repairing the leak can cause as much as $1,500 while recharging the refrigerant can go as high as $750. The type of AC, nature of leak, and lost refrigerant are some of the factors that determine the eventual price.

Anything that punctures the copper lines containing the refrigerant can trigger leaks. Accidental blows, such as those the AC might experience during a freak storm, is one possible cause of these leaks. Exposure to acidic substances, such as formaldehyde, can also corrode the pipes and cause refrigerant leaks. In old ACs, wear and tear can also lead to the same problems. 

Outdoor Fan Motor

You need something in the region of $200 to $650 to replace an outdoor fan motor. The outdoor fan motor drives the outdoor fan, which circulates air over the condenser coils to cool the refrigerant. Impaired cooling, plus associated problems such as AC overheating and frequent breakdowns, are some of the effects of malfunctioning outdoor fan motor.  

Debris accumulation, which causes the outdoor fan motor to strain, is one of the things that can lead to a malfunctioning outdoor fan motor. The outdoor fan motor runs on electricity, so electrical problems can also trigger its malfunction. Poor lubrication of the motor can also lead to its overheating and failure.