4 Odd Noises The Blower In Your Furnace Might Make And What They Could Mean

When something goes wrong with the blower in your furnace, you might be alerted to the problem when your furnace starts making unusual noises. Call a heating repair service when your furnace makes new noises so repairs can be done promptly and so you prevent harm to your furnace. Here are four noises the blower might make and what they could mean.

1. Rattling Could Indicate Loose Screws

Since the blower fan spins every time the furnace kicks on, it creates vibrations day after day that can cause screws to get a little loose. When the screws are loose, the fan might start to rattle. This is an easy heating repair since all the repair person has to do, as long as the problem is caught early, is to tighten the screws on the blower.

2. Squealing Might Mean The Belt Is Bad

If your furnace has a belt-drive motor, the belt will probably wear out at some point. When that happens, the belt might make squealing noises as it slips when turning the blower.

If you suspect the belt is making noise, call a heating repair service because the belt may break. If the belt breaks, your furnace won't be able to blow warm air through your home.

3. Grinding Could Be A Loose Blower

If you hear a sound like metal is rubbing against metal, turn off your furnace until a heating repair person can check the problem. The blower might be loose and grinding against the metal frame. A grinding noise indicates something made of metal is hitting against another metal part, and that shouldn't happen under normal circumstances.

The blower might have something stuck in the blades or the blower might be out of alignment or loose, and these problems should be repaired before further damage is done to your furnace.

4. Thumping Might Be From Bad Bearings

When your furnace has its annual tune-up, the technician may oil the bearings to prevent problems during the winter. If the bearings aren't lubricated, they might start making a whining sound. Bearings can also get worn down and need to be replaced. Worn down bearings might make a thumping sound as the blower spins.

The heating repair technician can lubricate bearings if they need it. They might also replace bad bearings, but they'll need to take into account the condition of the motor because a motor that's old and near the end of its life might need to be replaced too.

Odd noises coming from your furnace can be concerning since you don't know if they indicate a serious problem. Call a heating repair company and ask for advice. They might tell you to turn your furnace off until a repair person arrives, depending on the type of noise you hear. That can at least give you peace of mind you won't do damage to your equipment while you wait for repairs.

For more information, contact a heating repair service today.