The AC Troubleshooting Guide To Deal With The System Not Turning On

The weather is getting warmer, and you may want to turn your AC on. The problem is that it may not turn on after you have done the spring maintenance. Therefore, you will need to troubleshoot some of the issues that often cause air conditioners not to turn on after sitting idle. The following spring troubleshooting guide will help you deal with these issues to get your system on before summer:

Electrical Wiring Issues and Breakers

The first issues to check for are electrical problems, which can be due to the wiring in your home or due to issues with the HVAC systems. Some of the electrical problems that will cause your system to not turn on include:

  • Tripped breakers and blown fuses
  • Problems with the AC capacitor
  • Issues with household electrical wiring

Electrical problems can be simple issues that are easy to repair, but they can also be more severe problems. If the problem is more than something like a tripped breaker, you want to call a professional AC repair technician for help.

Issues with the Blower Fan  

The blower can also be the issue that is causing problems with your AC turning on. The issue may be due to the blower not working, and no air is coming through the vents. Some of the issues with AC blower fans that may need to be repaired include:

  • Damaged fan blades that affect airflow
  • Problems with a blower motor that cause the fan not to turn on
  • Issues with parts that connect the blower fan and motor

The blower fan is often the culprit when there are issues with airflow and noises. You may have to deal with these issues throughout the summer months too.

Thermostat Issues That Cause Failures

Thermostats can also be the cause of your AC not turning on when it should. Some of the problems with the HVAC thermostat that may require repairs include:

  • Bad thermostat settings
  • Issues with calibration of the thermostat
  • Analog thermostat failure with older systems

The issues with the thermostat can often be an opportunity to update your AC with more efficient solutions.

Problems with the Condensing Unit

The condensing unit can also be the cause of your spring AC problems. This is often due to problems with the parts being dirty, but there may also be other damage that needs to be addressed. Some of the issues with the AC condensing unit that you may need to deal with include:

  • Dirty coils
  • Compressor damage
  • AC refrigerant gas leaks

The condensing unit is often the cause of problems after the winter months. Often, these problems surface during the summer months too. This happens due to the unit getting dirtier, which can lead to ice buildup and severe damage to the AC compressor.

The air conditioner problems that you encounter in spring need to be repaired before they cause your system to fail. Contact an air conditioning repair service like Edelman Inc for assistance.