4 Common AC Noises You Should Never Ignore

The modern central air conditioning systems are energy-efficient and produce very little noise. Therefore, you should know your AC has a problem when you hear some disruptive noise from your AC. This article will highlight the types of noises you may hear from a damaged AC, the reason for the noise, and the action to take.

1. Screeching Noise

When you hear some screeching noise from your AC, the motor is either broken or not functioning. Avoid trying to fix the problem when your air conditioning produces a screeching sound, even when it is not loud. Instead, hire an AC repair expert who understands the system well. When you let the professionals examine your AC, they will point out the problem and offer the best solution.

2. Banging Noise

Your conditioning unit will produce a banging noise when parts inside the compressor become loose or break off. You should never ignore the noise since broken parts may cause problems if not fixed on time. Moreover, keeping the machine running when some parts are already broken might lead to costly repairs. Since you do not have the expertise to diagnose the system, the best thing is to consult an AC repair expert. The specialists will examine the system and repair any broken parts.

3. Rattling Noise

One major problem that may cause your machine to produce a loud rattling sound is when it has worn-out parts. You should shut the machine down when you hear this noise and call an AC repair technician. You may either need to repair or replace the worn-out parts, and the professional will quickly identify the problem and advise accordingly. Otherwise, if you insist on using a machine that produces rattling noise, it might force you to buy a new one. Therefore, avoid using your AC when it makes a rattling sound if you are not ready to replace it. 

4. Buzzing Noise

Whenever you hear a buzzing noise from your AC system, you should be cautious about how you are handling it. That is because such noise signifies that you have loose and unbalanced blades on the outdoor system. The other possibility is dirty condenser coils or some loose component. Whatever the case, it will help you if you allow an expert to assess the AC system. They can use their expertise to repair it or tell you whether you need a new one.

It is not easy for you as a homeowner to know all the technical problems that affect your air conditioning system. But you can always consult an AC repair expert whenever you suspect a problem with your system. Timely repairs will save you from buying a new one.