HVAC Services: 3 End-of-Season Furnace Problems You Should Know About

Few people think to look back or check on the issues their furnace system might have developed over the heating season. Sadly, when the damage persists throughout the year, the next heating season can become challenging when dealing with an unreliable heating system. Consider getting timely repairs for your unit instead of waiting until minor maintenance issues cause a furnace break down. Here are three end-of-the-season repair issues you should know about and ways to handle them. 

When the Heater Makes Odd Noises

It is common for the heater to make unusual noises when a component isn't working as it should. For example, you might notice a rattling sound that starts after turning on the furnace, accompanied by fluctuations in temperature and a rush of air through your living space. Other sounds you should worry about include loud banging, screeching, and booming sounds. Only a heating repair contractor can help you accurately determine the cause responsible for the noise and how to resolve it. 

When the Energy Bill Goes Up

An increase in your energy bill also indicates that your furnace has suffered some damage and needs repairs. It often happens when the system is under so much stress to deliver hence overworking and using more power in the process. A clogged filter can make the heat exchanger use more energy than needed to heat the home because it receives less air than it should. A broken blower will also deliver less air through the vents into the house, forcing the entire furnace to burn for longer hours. The furnace accounts for close to half of your home's heating bill, and if you are not careful about its maintenance, this can translate into huge amounts of money. 

The Home Has Hot and Cold Spots

Cold spots point back to a leakage in the ductwork. When you have broken components in the ductwork that distributes the heat, some of the warm air will escape before reaching the designated room. As such, the room will remain colder than the rest of the house because it does not receive the same amount of heat. The professionals will locate the leaks in your ductwork during a maintenance check and recommend ideal repairs for the system.

It is best to speak to an HVAC service professional about setting up an end-of-season maintenance check on your unit. It will ensure that your heating system comes out of the intense heating period without damages that will need expensive repairs down the line. For more information, reach out to a company such as Brinker Heating & Cooling Services.