4 Ways A Repair Contractor Can Fix Your Short-Cycling Air Conditioning System

Generally, your air conditioner is designed to run until your room attains the desired temperature, and only then should it turn off. This is considered a complete cycle. If you notice that your system runs for a short while before turning off, despite not reaching its set temperature, it has a short cycling problem. Failure to address the problem could lead to system failure. However, the following are some ways a repair contractor can help you fix AC rapid cycling. 

1. Replace Dirty Filters 

Filters need to be constantly inspected and changed. Over time, they accumulate dirt and block the air from entering the vents. As a result, the central unit works harder to ensure it matches the expected output. The motor is burdened until it overheats, which stops your system from working before the cycle ends. The repair technicians recommend replacing filters often to prevent short cycling and extend the life of your unit. 

2. Refill Refrigerant 

The coolant in your unit cools hot air and redirects it to your house. There must be enough refrigerant in the system for effective cooling. Leakage and low refrigerant levels generally reduce the rate of heat absorption and removal from the system with every cycle. Therefore, the air conditioner will have to work harder to achieve the set temperatures. This may lead to short cycling. You might want to call your AC technician to confirm the presence of a leak. They can patch up holes and cracks and refill the refrigerant in the system. This should resolve the unusually short cycles. 

3. Reinstall the Thermostat 

Your thermostat should be in a relatively cool place away from direct sunlight or a heat-generating appliance. The thermostat might misread room temperature when you place it in a hot environment. The cooling unit will work harder to achieve desired temperatures even if it is already accomplished. This may lead to rapid cycling and possible damage. However, the repair contractor can reposition the thermostat appropriately. 

4. Fix Electrical Problems 

Electrical problems could also cause short cycling. Bad wiring could be the reason you don't enjoy the desired performance. With insufficient energy, the air conditioner may attempt to start a cycle but fail to sustain the efforts, causing short cycling. Unfortunately, trying to fix electrical issues can pose a safety hazard. Therefore, you need a technician to handle the entire repair process. Consider turning off the AC to avoid further damage and call for help immediately. 

Short cycling is a major AC problem that might harm your system and increase power consumption. Therefore, consider reporting the problem to your technician for assistance. Fixing the problem early enough could extend the lifespan of your system. For more information on air conditioning repair services, contact a professional near you.