4 Reasons To Commission Residential AC Repair When Your Equipment Has Frosty Coils

The last thing you need during a sweltering summer is for your AC unit to break down and leave you with no option but to suffer through the heatwave. Unfortunately, as with any machine or appliance, residential AC units may experience issues from time to time.

One such issue is frozen coils. If this has happened to you before, this won't be a shock, and you'll know better than to attempt a DIY fix. Keep reading this article to learn why you should commission residential AC repair services when your equipment has frosty coils.

Clean Dirty Air Filters 

One of the causes of frozen AC coils is dirty air filters which obstruct airflow throughout your equipment. As the unit's efficiency reduces, the coils start freezing and eventually, your equipment won't be able to cool your indoor spaces.

The only way to restore the unit to proper working conditions is to let residential AC repair technicians clean the dirty air filters. Suppose the air filters are completely worn out; the technician will recommend replacing them and help you choose a filter screen that's compatible with your unit.

Replace Damaged Fans

Sometimes a single component within the system can stop working for one reason or another, causing the entire unit to collapse. A good example is when the AC fans get damaged, and this causes the coils to freeze. This happens due to the halted circulation of air throughout the equipment. In this case, replacing the damaged fans with new, compatible ones is the only solution.

Refill Leaked Refrigerant

Leaking Refrigerant is another common problem that requires professional residential AC repair services. Not only does it cause the AC coils to freeze, but it can also pose serious health risks due to the toxic vapors that escape from these leaks. An AC technician can safely contain the leak before it causes any further damage to your system or surrounding environment. And once the leaks have been sealed, they will refill the leaked refrigerant to restore your equipment to proper working conditions.

Unclog AC Drain Pipe

Your air conditioner has a drain pipe that allows any accumulated condensation to be drawn out of the unit. Should this drain get clogged, the condensation will build up in the equipment and cause the coils to freeze. When your residential AC repair technician realizes this is the root of the problem, they will unclog the drain pipe to restore proper unit operation. This will resolve the freezing issue and prevent algae and dirt from accumulating in your equipment.

No matter what's causing your AC coils to freeze, a residential AC repair technician will get to the root of the problem and resolve it. With timely residential AC repair, you can ensure that your unit always operates at its peak performance. This way, you'll enjoy a cool, comfortable home without worrying about unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs! 

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