AC Maintenance Every Homeowner Needs

When summer rolls around, you rely on your central air conditioning system to cool your home. However, an AC system might struggle to cool a home if it's not working properly. You can reduce the problems your system experiences by performing routine AC maintenance. But what tasks should you do? Here is a guide that explains the most important AC maintenance tasks every homeowner should complete.

Check and clean the vents 

When an AC system runs, it forces air throughout your home through air ducts. The cool air then comes out of the vents in your rooms. One part of maintenance is checking and cleaning these vents. First, remove any items covering the vents and open them. When something blocks a vent, it restricts the airflow from the vent. Additionally, you should hire someone to clean the air ducts, as they can get dirty. When they get dirty, it affects your home. Therefore, it affects the cleanliness of your home and the air quality. You should complete this step a few times a year.

Replace the filter 

Next, replace the filter. A standard HVAC system has a filter, which sifts the air that enters the system. The air filter collects dirt and dust, and as a result, it gets dirty. You must replace the filter when it's dirty. Homeowners replace their filters every one to three months, depending on their needs.

Annual tune-ups

The third thing you need is annual tune-ups. An AC tune-up includes multiple steps, all designed to improve your system's functions. For example, it includes system cleaning. First, the technician will clean the system, ensuring that every part can function properly. Next, they will check the coolant level, which is vital. They can add more coolant if the system needs it. Finally, they will check the system's parts to ensure they work properly. If they find issues with some parts, they can replace them if necessary.

Hire an HVAC company for maintenance

When you maintain your system, it works better. It also runs more efficiently and may experience fewer breakdowns. Ultimately, you'll save money and stay more comfortable with proper AC maintenance.

You can hire a contractor if your system needs maintenance. To do this, search your area for local HVAC contractors and hire one. The contractor will perform all the necessary maintenance, ensuring that your system is running well for the hot summer months. 

To find out more, contact air conditioning maintenance services today.