If Your Boiler Stops Running, A Frozen Condensate Pipe May Be To Blame

Boilers help keep a home warm and keep them safe during the coldest parts of winter. However, they may stop running at inconvenient times. When this happens, there is a good chance a frozen condensate pipe is to blame. What Is The Condensate Pipe? When your boiler is running, it will create a large amount of condensation. This liquid is removed from the system using the condensate pipe. This pipe also handles a variety of materials and is one of the most important pipes in your boiler.

How Alternate Heating Sources Complement Your Furnace

The cost of running a furnace can be high especially in the cold months or if you live with a medical condition, like severe asthma or other chronic diseases. Finding alternative heating systems to complement your furnace is the best way to mitigate these costs. Here are few options that work wonders Solar Active solar technology allows you to either capture warm air directly from the sun and circulate it through the home using heat pumps or circulate sun heated water through specialized tubing into the rooms and heat the house.

Cooling Your Home: 3 Ways You Can Save Money & Energy This Summer

When summer rolls around, cooling costs can quickly deplete your household budget. Since this is also the time that you want to spend vacationing with your family, a depleted budget is the last thing that you want. So, there has to be a few tricks to reduce energy use without having to sacrifice your comfort, right? Lucky for you, there are. In fact, here are three of them that will help you conserve both energy and money this summer:

How To Straighten Your Condenser Coils

Air conditioning repair is something that should usually be done by professionals such as Ragan Mechanical Inc. However, there are a few simple DIY maintenance jobs that you can do to fix small problems. Perhaps the most common and easy to fix problem with an AC system is bent condenser coils. This article explains the best way to straighten bent condenser coils. The most important tool for this job is a condenser comb.